Optimize Your Site – Get Started with 3 Basic SEO Principles

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Web traffic is one of the crucial things for companies hoping to grow. In this case, “traffic” refers to people visiting your website, whether through their organic searches, social media links, a direct visit to your web page, referral, and so on. It plays a vital role in your sales funnel, as each visit can translate into sales. If people cannot find your web page, no conversion or transaction can take place. 

There are many recommended ways to increase one’s web traffic, but search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular. This method is the secret weapon of modern businesses today. If you have not yet mastered how to optimize your pages, this article will give you some facts and tips to help you improve your SEO performance.

Why Invest in SEO

SEO has a proven track record of helping businesses improve their online presence and performance. Here are some facts you should know about the current digital landscape:

  • SEO is all about letting people know about your business via search engines. According to these statistics, 93 percent of the website’s traffic comes from searches. 
  • At least 75 percent of the people looking for options refer to the first page of the search results. Targeting this position will give you more chances to acquire the clicks and interests of people. 
  • If you are not yet exerting effort into your SEO, you are missing out on a lot. More than half of today’s marketers prioritize growing organic traffic via SEO as their primary marketing strategy. 

Basic SEO Principles to Know

Fortunately, search engine optimization is not so difficult. It would help if you kept up with the algorithm and system changes, but it all begins with these main principles:

1. The Keyword Is Your Main Element

SEO works with keywords. You need to find the right keywords for your website. Choose keywords for your website and every page you have in it. 

List keywords which you believe people associate most with your business. If you want a more objective way of finding them, use online tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, to see which keywords work well for your target audience. You can also refer to the frequently asked questions online or the keywords that similar businesses and competitors use.

2. Beware of Title Tags

Most digital marketers fail to look into the other details of the site. One of the critical SEO determining factors that you should never overlook is the Title Tag. It is where you enter your headline and what the search engine refers to when analyzing what your topic is all about. Through this detail, the search engine can assess where your page should appear in the ranking. 

Guideline When Choosing a Title:

  • It should be compelling or exciting for the browsers
  • It should be inviting
  • It would be better if the title includes your keyword
  • Use online tools that help score your headlines’ potential

3. Do Not Forget the Meta Description

Right next to your headline is the meta description. It is the summary of your content that viewers see on their search results is placed right under the title. Like your title, it should be concise, compelling, and relevant. Using your keyword in this part can also help improve your page’s ranking. 


Include search engine optimization in your priorities to see how it can open up possibilities for your business later. However, you should know the important SEO dos and don’ts first and watch out for the search engine updates and guidelines before you expect to see good results. By abiding by their recommended best practices, you can increase your chances of generating more traffic and sales. 

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