Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2021

Looking to enhance your business’ WordPress website in 2021? With over 50,000 available plugins to choose from, it can be incredibly overwhelming to find the ones that are right for your website. We often get asked by clients and readers for our top choice of WordPress plugins in many different areas including SEO, site speed, backups, analytics, forms, etc. So below we’ve broken down our favourite plugins for your business website in 2021.

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is ranked the #1 plugin for Google Analytics integration in WordPress. It utilizes the proper connection method in order to get accurate user data. Most importantly, it prevents tracking of logged in users so that internal traffic is not counted towards your analytics.

The best feature of the plugin is that it displays all the essential data and information directly inside the WordPress dashboard, so you don’t even have to leave your site to track your visitors. MonsterInsights also contains numerous add-ons for additional components such as WooCommerce in order to provide you with the best data for your marketing.

MonsterInsights has a free version with limited features and may be sufficient for a basic website or personal blog. But the real power is in the premium version which offers unlimited customization and control, giving you deeper insight into your reader’s data.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is by far the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress powered websites and is used by more than 5 million websites. It contains all the features required to build and operate an online store.

Over the past few years, WooCommerce has developed itself into an ecosystem containing dedicated themes, plugins, and even hosting plans. It has also adapted to recent world developments by offering simple local delivery and pickup, and focusing on local shopping experience.

WooCommerce is among the top competitors with other stand-alone e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce which are rapidly growing their respective enterprises and steadily gaining traction in the online store arena.

3. WPForms

Contact forms are undoubtedly an essential component of every website regardless of size or industry. WPForms is the most comprehensive and seamless solution for any forms on your websites, and offers numerous integrations with other services.

WPForms allows you to easily create contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, order forms, surveys, and so many more interactive features, all in an easy to use drag and drop builder. It offers total customization of fonts, colours, design and more.

The plugin also integrates with all the popular marketing and payments platforms such as Stripe and payPal, so you can easily collect payment directly within the form.

There is a free version of the plugin, WPForms Lite which offers a simple, yet limited solution. But if you’re serious about growing your business, we definitely recommend investing in the Pro version which unlocks all the features and integrations.